Counseling Services in Frederick, Maryland

Counseling and Therapy in Frederick, MD- Anxiety or Marital Problems
Diagnostic Evaluation

Designed to be an assessment of the problems addressed in therapy. Usually a family history will be taken and a treatment plan will be formulated.

Individual Therapy

Individual treatment is one to one sessions with a psychotherapist focused on resolving problems that brought you into treatment. These may include anxiety, depression, grief, life changes, financial issues and more.

Family Therapy

Family therapy works with family members to address and resolve problems they may have in communicating, accepting, supporting and resolving conflict among members of the family. We can help with issues relating to the parenting of children and teens as well as concerns for and issues with the elderly.

Marriage / Marital Counseling in Frederick, Maryland

Addresses problems in relationships including communication, connection, compromise and control. In couples counseling, couples learn to understand patterns that are not working well and adapt more mutually satisfying styles of relating.

Financial Therapy in Frederick, Maryland

Psycho-socially based program that educates, motivates and supports long-term financial behavioral change. Hands-on budgeting and financial planning are included.


An induced altered state of consciousness characterized by heightened suggestibility and receptivity to directions.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Assessment by a psychiatrist to diagnose and recommend treatment for a mental health problem including the possible use of medication.

Medication Evaluation

Interview by a psychiatrist to assess and discuss potential benefits of psychotropic medication.